training with beauty in the burbs

I have been in the beauty industry for over 15 years, having completed multiple…MULTIPLE certifiable training courses furthering my education and expanding my knowledge. With each course I noticed there was a major issue they all had in common – over crowded classes resulting in minimal one-on-one training time with instructors, leaving students without the confidence to perform services when they leave and ultimately, wasting their money! The beauty industry is not a cheap industry to get into (especially when getting proper training), so to invest your money into training that you don’t utilize after the fact is very frustrating. 

When I had the opportunity to train for YUMI™, I wanted to be sure to improve on my experiences in the past. Which is why I focus on QUALITY over QUANTITY training, with intimate class sizes (maximum 4 students/class) ensuring you get the attention needed to perform exception results with confidence. You will have ongoing support once you complete your training and are able to reach out to me to ask any questions or concerns that come up through your services! I created an online resource for certified technicians to be able to reach out to each other as well and wanted to focus on building a YUMI™ Family here in BC. This is a billion dollar industry, there are plenty of clients to go around and if we can’t support each other, who will? 

beauty in the burbs exclusive

Aside from the support and community you will benefit from, when training with myself, you will also have these key advantages:

  • training in a professional, licensed boutique beauty studio with the option to sit in on future courses for refreshers if needed

  • ability to purchase additional products and supplies locally (when training under another YUMI™ Master Trainer, products must be purchased and shipped from head office in Calgary)

  • referral incentives (when referring a new student, they will receive a discount off of training and you will receive a credit to use towards future products)

  • quarterly emails with any updates from the company as well as any updates in techniques and tricks I may have picked up!