Our FAQ page answers some of the most common questions we hear…

Our FAQ page answers some of the most common questions we hear…

Does the training fee include any product?

YES! You will get an extensive kit that includes product valued at over $1,600 and good for up to 45 clients with excellent returns from your initial investment with potential earnings from your kit supplies of up to $4,500

Do I need to provide my own models for training?

It is ideal that you provide your own models, you will need 2 for a 1:30pm slot and 3:30pm slot, in order to complete your course.  If you cannot provide your own models, please give us enough warning to try to accommodate ones for you!
It is recommended to bring 2 different styles / types / lengths of lash models to get the most out of having your Master Trainer present

Is there a cost for my models?

With product being supplied for your model practice, there is a $50 product cost for models to cover supplies that can be paid after their service.  If you’d wish to use the product supplied to you in your kit to work on your models, there is no cost for your models to Beauty in the Burbs.

How much can I charge for the service?

In order to keep the integrity of the YUMI™ brand in tact and to practice proper industry courtesy, you must charge a minimum of $150 for your YUMI™ Lash Lift Service!  Promotions are acceptable as long as there is a clear ‘PROMO’ indication and stated terms (ie. PROMO for 2 weeks, PROMO for first 5 clients who books, etc.), we recommend a 15% discount for these offers in order to keep your profitability worthwhile. 

How can I pay my deposit?

Deposits and registering for your course can be done directly through our booking page for credit card payments, or you can be invoiced by sending an email to with the following information included:

- Training Date you would like to register for (listed in bookings)
- Full name (how you would like it displayed on your certificate)
- Business name (if applicable)
- Contact number
- Shipping Address (where future products/purchases would be sent)
- Business Address (if different than Shipping Address)
- Copy of your valid Business License provided by your operating city, if already in business (to be listed under our Certified Locations)

Is my deposit refundable?

All deposits are non-refundable due to supplies and materials that are acquired for your training.  However, if you are unable to make your original registered training date, your deposit can be held or transferred to another date or technician!  Please note: total tuition cost subject to change if adjusted between rescheduling.