Having been a dancer since the age of five, I've practically grown up in the beauty industry. This early exposure to the artistry of cosmetics, combined with my creative nature, found me not only doing my own make-up and nails all through high school, but doing them for friends and family as well. It was a natural progression for me to continue pursuing my passion and interest by taking Make-Up Artistry after High School at Vancouver Film School, and continuing with Nails at Blanche MacDonald following the birth of my daughter.
With being a Single Mother, the ability to follow my passion slowly turned into the reality of needing to provide for her and my beauty career was restricted to weekends only.  I fit quite nicely into the 'corporate' world with my (small) accounting and business background, but after almost a decade of having to work to pay the bills and a stable family life in place, I was ready to begin working to LIVE and do what I love!

Which is how Beauty in the Burbs started to bloom...

With the addition of my Lash Extension certification and in an effort to get back into the Beauty industry full time and begin working for myself, I began to expand my knowledge and skills further by training to become a Permanent Make-Up Artist where I am currently offering Eyebrow, Eyeliner and Lip Blushing services.  I am eventually wanting to include Paramedial Tattooing services as well!  It brings me so much joy to see my clients' delight and enhanced confidence, as they witness their transformation following their treatment.
While looking for an alternative to Lash Extensions I found an amazing European service, YUMI™ Lashes, and was provided the opportunity to become the BC Representative for Training and Distribution, moving my business in yet another direction. It is so rewarding to be able to share experiences with my YUMI™ Technicians while also providing them with unique, attentive and supportive training to help further their careers.
It was with great sadness but also extreme excitement when I realized it was time to venture even further out on my own and leave the comfort and stability of my treatment room and into my own storefront location.  A new location came a new opportunity to offer clients more than just quality Beauty services, but also quality Beauty products. 
The more research I was doing on harmful ingredients and the more amazing local makers I discovered, I knew I wanted to strictly focus on products that were natural, sustainable and also effective. We have started paying attention to what’s going IN our bodies…it’s time to also start thinking about what’s going ON them and essentially into the environment as well.
I’m so excited for my newest service addition…HydraFacial™! This popular service is great for all ages, skin conditions and genders. After looking into multiple facial services to possibly add, I chose HydraFacial™ for their excellent reviews, results and versatility.

The beauty industry is one that is constantly evolving and I'll never be at a loss for new things to learn. Dedicated to my craft, I always find myself looking for ways to expand my knowledge, improve, and advance my skills. 


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Allison Johnston


credentials & training


  • HydraFacial Certification

  • BrowBabe Apprenticeship Certification


  • NovaLash Classic Extension Certification

  • YUMI™ Lashes Master Trainer Certification


  • BioTouch Canada Permanent Make-up Certification

  • Centre for Permanent Make-up Certification


  • Nova Beauty Lash Extension Certification


  • Blanche MacDonald Nail Technician Certification


  • Vancouver Film School Make-up and Special FX Certification