product reviews

I am not kidding when I say this is the nicest lipstick I have ever owned.”

”Love this product! It’s my first liquid foundation and I’m in love!”

”The Elate eyeliners are fun to play with. I bought the Gold for the holiday season. I added glittery eye shadow for max effect.
— Elate Cosmetics
Our whole family loves their brushes!
— Brush Naked
3-in-1 bar’s are perfect for travel...shampoo, soap and shaving cream in one.”

”I was so impressed with the amount of lather I got from a bar and it didn’t make my razor gummy like shaving cream”

”My skin is so sensitive and the facial bar doesn’t irritate it
— Nature Derived
What I LOVE about Orgaid , is that they are truly natural and use only the finest and safest ingredients in all their products!! Their ingredients are short, safe, and effective. After I take the sheet mask off, my skin is brighter, glowing, and looks and feels clearer . It’s worth every penny!
— Orgaid
It’s great to have something to keep in my purse with a case so my straw doesn’t get dirty
— Reusable Straws
Love it! A natural deodorant that works”

”It’s great that there are different options for the whole family
— NALA Care
I have been using the 4 step Deluxe Line for dry skin religiously for a few weeks now and I.AM.OBSESSED!”

”This magnesium oil is amazing! Helps me sleep at night when I’m feeling restless. I use it for my sore muscles too and I feel great after using it!”

”I noticed a difference in my scalp after my first use. For the first time in forever my psoriasis was not itchy after washing my hair. It left my hair so silky soft.
— Ativo
Finally found a Cleansing Wipe I like! Love how clean and fresh my skin feels afterwards, the smell and fact that they are all natural is a bonus.”

”Love love love Clean Slate, my skin is so sensitive and my skin feels refreshed and tight.”

”I will only use their Vegan Lash Adhesive for my daughters dance competitions.
— TOK Beauty
Since I started using my Skin Polishing scrub I haven’t had to use moisturizer. My skin is so soft and hydrated even as it’s getting into the dry season”

”My bathroom smells AMAZING from my bath bars and they make perfect gifts
— Bare Skin Bar
Balm Cleanser is gentle enough for my daughter and effective enough for a night out with waterproof mascara”

”Finally, a dry shampoo that doesn’t leave my scalp itchy!
— Plenty + Spare
I use Goddess Nectar on those days I get too much sun, need a little boost or when I’m also feeling the need for some deodorant. Do yourself a favour and try this out. I’m warning you now it’s addictive!”

”I cannot live without the Carpe Diem soap, I love it!
— Sealuxe
Best anti-aging products dermatologists swear by”

Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum is my favorite. It evens out skin tone, brightens and plumps fine lines all in one.
— Mad Hippie
Right away, the scent hooked me. I was a little worried about using it at first as i have eczema around my eyes. I have been using it for a few weeks now and i can say the area around my eyes have never been so soft and smooth and supple.”

”Perk up is the best! My skin instantly looks and feels so much better every time!”

”We’ve been using the Overachiever for about two weeks now and his bum has only looked this good when he was born. THANK YOU!!!!
— K'Pure
This lip balm keeps my lips super hydrated, I keep multiples around the house!”

”I buy all the Coconut Vanilla candles in stock when they come in.
— True
I LOVE the smell of these facial oils and they are so effective!!”

** reviews derived from Beauty in the Burbs clients as well as Brand websites