ATIVO~ Miracle Facial Serum

ATIVO~ Miracle Facial Serum


Description :

Luxury serum to tighten, brighten and smooth tired looking skin. A host of wonderful anti oxidants to help even skin tone, smooth it's texture, help with uneven skin tone and improve the overall appearance of the skin. 

Benefits :

Can be used on all areas of the body including stretch marks. Pregnancy Bellies and breasts will love the moisturizing nature of this oil. Please avoid using on nipples while breast feeding. 

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Ingredients :

Almond - Lubricates and helps promotes younger looking skin

Aloe Vera - Softens the skin and hydrates the skin leaving it smooth and silky

Argan - Calms inflamed skin and reduces appearance of scars and blemishes

Avocado - Relieves itchy skin reduces age spots restores uneven skin tones

Baobab - Regenerates skin cells, improves skin tone and is an excellent skin softener

Calendula - Helps reduce appearance of scars and stretch marks

Coconut - Age rejuvenating and improves the look of rough looking skin

Grape seed - Anti aging for skin and smoothes away dryness

Jojoba - Great emollient with skin softening properties

Marula - Contains linoleic acid and flavanoids as well as antioxidant and anti-aging properties

Neroli - Skin healing, collagen regeneration for stretch marks and scar tissues

Orange - Pulls moisture deep into the skin cells

Rosehip - Reduces aging wrinkles and sun damaged skin.

Shea - Reduces appearance of scars and stretch marks. Improves skin suppleness

Sunflower - Adds softness & improves skin texture

Tamanu - Diminishes unsightly stretch marks for smooth radiant skin

Wheat germ - High in Vitamin E natural antioxidant promotes new skin cells and improves circulation

Directions :

Place two to three drops of oil onto palms and massage into face in a patting upward motion.