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YUMI™ lashes

If YUMI™ sounds Japanese to you, then you’re probably saying it all wrong! It is not pronounced ‘yummi’ or ‘yum -eeee’ but the correct way to pronounce this European brand is ‘you – me’…actually, I’m not even joking. The brand name is literally bringing YOU and ME together ;)


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what is YUMI™

YUMI™ Lashes is a revolutionary service that utilizes your natural lashes by lifting them upwards from the root to the tip, to enhance your eyes with the appearance of longer, thicker lashes while keeping the integrity of your lashes in tact! Developed in Europe in 2008, YUMI™ then came to Canada in late 2015 and Beauty in the Burbs brought it to BC mid 2016, with technicians and clients falling in love with the service and YUMI™’s superior results. All of our products are manufactured and shipped from France by Griffe D’Or.

Gone are the days of the traditional perm that simply curled the lashes around a small rod and would often ‘shorten’ their appearance, while also filling the lash with harsh chemicals that can not only damage your lashes but also smell quite overwhelming! YUMI™ Lashes’ EU and Health Canada approved products and creams are not only non-toxic and free of harsh chemicals, parabens and formaldehyde, but they are also designed to help condition your lashes from growth.

  • NO Harsh Chemicals

  • NO Growth Serums

  • NOT Lash Extensions

  • NOT a Perm

  • NO Restrictions

  • NO Maintenance

why choose YUMI™

You may have noticed lash lift services being offered everywhere since YUMI™ Lashes came to Canada, but don’t be fooled by the other inferior brands on the market that have been frantically trying to adapt their service to compete with us, they are still using the same strong perming chemicals they have always used! Which is why YUMI™ never categorizes as a perm and is a true lash lift in all ways possible.

YUMI™ does not only pride ourselves in the quality of our products, but we are also a certifiable service only. What does that mean? It means that any technician providing the YUMI™ Lashes service, must attend a full day of hands on intensive training in order to perform or even purchase our products! YUMI™ Lashes training and certification is not available online. You must complete a YUMI™ Lashes training class with a Certified YUMI™ Lashes Master Trainer, other Perm/Lash Lift certifications are not interchangeable. 

Included with every YUMI™ Lashes service is a double dose of Keratin targeted peptides that penetrate each lash to fill it with nutrients and encourage healthy, strong lash growth. You won’t find that with the ‘other guys’! With our products designed to absorb into the structure of the lash, we are not only safer for your lashes but we will last longer too. Lashes stay lifted for 8-12 weeks (the full life cycle of an eyelash), from the time of your appointment until the last lifted lash has released; in comparison to permed lashes which start to ‘fall’ between 4-8 weeks and can leave lashes feeling dry and brittle. Our eyelash hair is so delicate and very different from the hair on our heads…so why not condition and care for them the same way? 

YUMI™ Lashes does not only meet all health & safety standards approved by Health Canada, we also pass all EU health & safety standards too! Why is that so great? Well, the European testing of cosmetic products is the best in the world, as they are the most strict and precise when it comes to their testing and approval standards!



how the magic happens

YUMI™ is a uniquely flexible technique that combines eyelash enhancement and dyeing. While it is easy to control, it requires great precision, skill and hygiene. Each treatment must be personalized to your clients, and it is vital that you understand how to do this.

From start to finish, the procedure takes up to 90 minutes and is so comfortable, 90% of clients fall asleep! This 5 step procedure will leave lashes lifted, curled and enhanced, while filling them with vitamins and proteins without using any harsh chemicals. 

A water soluble, sugar based adhesive is used to affix our silicone pads to your eyelids in order to form and lift your lashes to their desired look (there are several subtle options available: Natural, Doll or Cat Eye). Once your lashes have been meticulously placed and adhered to the silicone pads, we then apply our signature YUMI™ Lift and Fix serums to curl and set your lashes in place. Tint is then applied to complete the look, giving your lashes depth and length with 5 color options available (Blue-Black, Deep Black, Deep Brown, Light Brown and Graphite). We complete your treatment with a double dose of conditioning, using our YUMI™ Nourishing Oil as well as our YUMI™ Keratin Mascara Serum (daily use recommended), which is all left to saturate your lashes for 24-48hrs! 

Included within the procedure is a Keratin treatment to help repair and restore the natural lash, resulting in longer, thicker and healthier lashes with regular treatments!

There are no restrictions or limitations, treat them as your own lashes! Integrity of your lashes will improve overtime due to the elimination of a lash curler and regular conditioning treatments. It is highly recommended to invest in a homecare YUMI™ Keratin Mascara Serum to ensure optimal results and to help repair and restore the natural lash resulting in longer*, thicker* and healthier lashes with regular application and treatments! 

* results will vary, not a ‘growth serum’ in any way.